Core values

What we value first and foremost.
In everything we do, you can expect us to stay true to our values of:

Trust AKA the Family Pact
We’ll always have your back and be working to achieve your goals. Providing reliable advice you can trust with the time it takes to pour over the conversation, look at the paperwork and really, really understand the whole picture. Start to finish. Back to front.

Put it this way, if we’re advising our mums, we’d sit on the couch, take out the paper work, start the conversation. Then over the week, she’s going to have questions and we have a chat over the phone and meet again. Of course, mum wants dad to know what is going on. So we clue him in. The whole picture. All the details, the dots and the lines. Till the picture is clear for her. She’s ready to make the decision and we’re there. Start to finish. Whatever it takes.

So technically, you’re a bit like family to us.

Doing what we say we’ll do. No ifs and buts. Truly present, no distractions, no agendas.

No strings.
It’s got nothing to do with our lenders, advisors and experts.
Bottom line, it’s about your vision.
The outcomes, framework and planning. We’ll take care of all the details and connect all the dots so you don’t have to and so that you know everything is in your best interests.

We plan on making it happen.

Dear Alycia,

We wanted to send a big thank you to you both for the work you have provided in supporting us with our recent property purchase in Perth
Due to challenges created by the bank providing incorrect documentation for overseas investors, it was a problematic situation.

Your additional support to find solutions and resolve so settlement proceeded on the allocated date was appreciated and exceeded our expectations in both the professionalism and speed.

The follow up post purchase was also great and we look forward to your continued support.

Gareth and Jo F, Singapore

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