In a nutshell, we’re about all aspects of creating wealth with property. It’s what we do best.
If these questions sound like you, then we’re on the right track.

  • Want to invest in property through a self managed super fund?
  • Looking to upgrade the family home to make room for new additions?
  • Thinking about investing in property or using the value in your property to invest in shares?
  • Feeling busy with work and not getting the time to research into this?
  • Wanting to build the dream home?
  • Considering buy the holiday home?
  • Sorting out paper work for holidays and can’t bear to look at more paper work
  • Expanding your property portfolio?
  • Wanting to renovate, pay off your loans sooner, eliminate credit card debts or car loans?
  • Wanting to plan for your children’s education?
  • Working out how property can cashflow your future dream lifestyle?

It’s a bit of a journey, home buying, investing, self managing and getting the right financial solutions. Research, documentation, talking to the right people and finding the best answers. It’s a journey that we’re ideal for. A bit like a trustworthy sherpa, the right life coach or your hairstylist. We’re that person.

It’s not an opening meeting and a closing meeting with 2 emails in between.
It’s ongoing support and advice through regular reviews and market updates.
We’ll sit down with you and understand where you’re headed, what your goals are and what you consider aspirational.
We’ll then provide you with detailed advice and finance recommendations to achieve this.
We’ll manage the application and coordinate with all parties.
We’ll connect all the dots.

If you need extra help with legal, tax, financial advice, the property search, building and pest, we’ve got you covered with our close network of top property specialists.

It’s been over a decade in the making and we know pathways to make it happen.

Dear Alycia, we can’t thank you enough for organising the purchase of our home, you really went above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly.  It was such a busy time for us and we appreciate your efforts.

Tim and Georgie B, Wahroonga

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