Why Stoneturn

Much like the 80’s elevator pitch, condensing the why of Stoneturn isn’t easy to put into a few lines. Our business has grown upon referrals from clients, local and international and we’re much more comfortable with others doing the talking about us – regardless of which city they’re in. That said… we’re going to give it a shot.

We want you to know, we’re about you. All the dots across your dreams and aspirations.

More freedom for you, less time spent bound in everyday tangles.
Freedom to own the home of your dreams and freedom created from investing in property.

We like to understand your budget – understand what you can afford without breaking the bank and then help you manage your cashflow and the risk associated with debt. The less time you spend in the paperwork, the better your budget after all.

Our goal is to help you build your wealth through property from anywhere in the world, to help you understand your opportunities and make the most of them.

We have a panel of local, national and international experts. Leading property accountants, financial advisors, buyers agents and solicitors – the people you need from start to finish.

Access to an entire team of experienced wealth advisors? Sounds about right. Let’s put it this way, 10 years of industry practise makes for quite an address book. We’ve built strong relationships that mean more choice and better decisions for you.

If there is anything we can’t help you with, we’ll know someone trusted and experienced who can.

We’re accredited with over 30 different lenders, from the big four banks, to smaller banks and credit unions.

Our mission is to bring you finance and property advice you can trust – regardless of where in the world you are.Trust being the main gig here. We like to take the time to sit down and understand your goals – where you want to go, so we can show you how to get there.

"The recent decision by many Australian banks to stop lending to non-residents almost led me to losing my deposit on a Melbourne property and if it wasn’t for Alycia & her teams perseverance and can do attitude this would almost certainly have happened.

I spoke with 5 banks and 3 mortgage brokers to no avail until Alycia sorted me out via Westpac and I can therefore say without reservation that this is the best team I have worked with in this area.

Cameron K November 28, 2016

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